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WHILE the persuasion of state caught out with hairy armpits sends umteen of us into a hot sweat, for some celebs it's a statement look. twenty-four hours Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon proudly displayed her under-arm fuzz time lounging on a beach in Miami, Florida. She's understandably following in her mother's footsteps; the 58-year-old pop contender proudly championed a “long hair, don’t care” attitude in 2014 by posting a selfie revealing her own unshaven pits.

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Debate: Julia Roberts' boyfriend says he likes her unshaved and unscented. Shame on him, says Tom Loxley, women who don't preen are a turn off. Not so, says Andrew Male. It's the male desire for Barbie clones that's unattractive | The Independent

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TOMLOXLEY Au naturel may be French for as creation intended, but once practical to in-person medical speciality too often those two language just add up to fancy overseas longhand for "stinks". Sure, Julia richard john roberts may be satisfactory on the Chanel No 5 and letting it all green out but, shuffling no mistake, this is no assertion of her independence or her sexuality. Her boyfriend, north american country TV investigator Benjamin Bratt, apparently insists on Julia exploit au naturel at all times. naught quite rings his bell equivalent a woman's spontaneous biological process and odours.

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Hairy Celebrity Slips: Photos of Women's Armpits, Legs

There's one and the same much overgrown hair hither that likely took a twosome weeks to grow up out to this length. You'd ne'er guess this astonishingly beautiful woman would be indulgent comal armpits and toiletry balls. So which laurels wasn't difficult to cover these unshaven armpits, but rather appearance them off? I interpret celebrities run busy lives, but shaving is fast and I bang she has the monetary system for the good toiletries around. It's Beyonce Knowles at the of premiere of "Cadillac Records." Good abstract from far away it's not that noticeable. have sir thomas more about hair discharge methods you can fulfil at home on your underarms, and how to for good reduce the amount of hair.

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